Archived Geocache GC3QFRD (Hot Wire)

"Gaming in the Woods - Hot Squirrel"


The technical stages of this geocache disappeared several times I decided to archive this cache.

Because there has been a lot of effort in developing this cache I thought it might be interesting for the croud to see what's inside the box.


First assembling on the breadboard

The first step was to put everything together on the breadboard and check if I realize what I had in mind.



Drawing the PCB for the project

This was one of my first projects. This PCB has been drawn in a graphics tool.

My later PCBs are made with Eagle.



Putting everything in a nice frame

After the PCB was ready and the breadboard constellation worked, it was time to put everything in a nice frame.

It was a challenge too, to bend the copper in the outlines of a squirrel. (But finally it worked.)



Writing the code

With programming the ATMega168 the parts would not do a thing.

As power supply I used a 9V battery.

Here you can see the tiny and simple code which I used for that cache.


{code lang:c id:31 title:"Main Program" hidden:false}}{/code}