How to drive a TFT display (Arduino)


It is quite easy to drive a SPI 128*160 TFT display with a ITDB18SP controller when you use the UTFT library of Rinky-Dink.


Just wire everyhting as the picture shows above, flash the code and have fun with the demo pics.


Here you can see the example code of Rinky-Dink where you only have to change the controller and the pinout.


{code lang:c id:26 title:"Main Program" hidden:false}}{/code}


If you want to display some photos, you will find in the download of the UTFT Library a tool where you can convert photos into .c files.

Just put the files into the directory of the .ino file and place a code line with referencing to the .c file.

Now you are able to see a funny pic on your TFT display.