Build your own Word2Clock





First of all a big thank you to Kevin Rye for his well documented tutorial for building this Word2Clock watch.

I decided to build one of this very special watches in an IKEA RIBBA frame 23x23 cm in black color.

Therefore I had to adjust the clock overlay picture of Kevin to fit in the frame.


I have downloaded the Eagle Board, Schematics and Clock Overlay Picture HERE from his website. (

You can download my clock overlay, a drill matrix and the gerber files of the PCB from my website right HERE.


Electronic Parts:

I have ordered most of the electronics from and eBay.


Reichelt Order List:

ULN 2003A
Darlington-Arrays,  DIL-16 = KID 65003
0,88 € (0,73 €  netto)
MOS 4094
0,85 € (0,71 €  netto)
ATMega AVR-RISC-Controller, DIL-28
2,77 € (2,31 €  netto)
1/4W 1,0K
Kohleschichtwiderstand 1/4W, 5%, 1,0 K-Ohm
2,20 € (9,46 €  netto)
1/4W 10K
Kohleschichtwiderstand 1/4W, 5%, 10 K-Ohm
0,82 € (0,69 €  netto)
TANTAL 0,1/35
Tantal-Kondensator, Rm 2,5, 0,1µF/35V
0,10 € (0,08 €  netto)
KERKO-500 22P
Keramik-Kondensator, 500V, 22P
0,14 € (0,12 €  netto)
Standardquarz, Grundton, 16,000000 MHz
0,14 € (0,12 €  netto)
GS 28-S
IC-Sockel, 28-polig, doppelter Federkontakt
0,10 € (0,08 €  netto)
GS 16
IC-Sockel, 16-polig, doppelter Federkontakt
0,49 € (0,40 €  netto)
SL 1X40G 2,54
40pol. Stiftleiste, gerade, RM 2,54
0,18 € (0,15 €  netto)
Hohlstecker-Buchse, Zentraleinbau, Øi= 2,1mm
0,30 € (0,25 €  netto)
CR 1220 VAR
Varta Knopfzelle, 3V, 35mAh, 12,5x2,0mm
1,51 € (1,26 €  netto)
Knopfzellenclip, Print
0,25 € (0,21 €  netto)
SNT 1000 5V
ECO-friendly Steckernetzteil, 5V, 1000mA, 2,1mm
6,15 € (5,13 €  netto)
16,89 € (14,08 €  netto)
6,95 € (5,79 €  netto)
23,84 € (19,87 €  netto)


eBay Order List:

10PCS Button Battery Socket Clip Holder Box Case Portable CR1220

DS3231 AT24C32 High Precision Clock Module IIC Module Memory Module

100Stk. Neu 5mm Super Bright Round weiß LED Lamp 12000-14000mcd High Quality


In total the eBay pieces costs about 5 Euro.

I soldered off the DS3231 from the PCB. This was the cheapest way I found to get the chip.

I bought the DS3231 board for 1 Euro including shipping.


A sum of this section costs is about 29 Euro. (eBay and Reichelt parts)



Clock Overlay:

I decided to create a sticker on transparent ground and glue it on an acrylic transparent plate.

This should give the black paint a deeper black than printing on a laseprinter and transparent paper.

But of course it is a little more expensive to print stickers.

I have payed 15 Euro for two pieces of my Word 2 Clock overlay stickers.

The acrylic plate has been found in my local store for about 2 Euro.


A sum of this section costs is about 17 Euro. (Sticker and acrylic plate)



LED Board:

I have used a 4mm MDF board 32x32 cm for the LED Board from my local store which costs some cents.

As frame I used the RIBBA which I meantioned before. This one costs 5 Euro in my local IKEA store.

I used a 5mm metall drill to drill the holes for the 5mm LEDs. The LEDs fit perfect in this holes.


A sum of this section costs is about 5 Euro. (RIBBA frame and MDF board)



Word Definition:

For an easy adjustment I decided to mark all words at the backside.

So it will be much easier afterwards to find the right section for the ribbon cable. 



LED Adjustment:

Wow, this has been one of the most annoying and time consuming parts of this project.

Soldering 100 LEDs together in groups, soldering afterwards 100 resistors to the LEDs and bridging the connections.


I have tested every 10th LED with my LED Tester. This should be enough, because I really do not wanted to test every single LED.

I used a common VCC for the LEDs.



Functionality Testing:




After I have created the gerber files I decided to sent them to for the manufacuring.

I got 5 pieces Lead Free including shipping for 37 Euros.

The quality is really good for the price. After recieving I started with soldering all components to the PCB.

Finally I put all ICs in place and the PCB is almost finished except the RTC and the battery.

At this moment I was still waiting for the arrival of the DS3231.


A sum of this section costs is about 37 Euro. (5pcs of PCB)



Ribbon Cable:

Luckily I found an old IDE ribbon cable of a CD-ROM in my cellar.

A perfect method for connecting so many LED-groups.

To remember where to connect which cable I decided to label each cable.

All cables which are not connected to the PCB have been cut off. Hopefully I labeld everyhting correct.

After preparing the ribbon cable I soldered every cable group to its destination.



LED Separation:







For the assembling I needed to solder the buttons and the DC jack to some wires.

After that I was able to test the measurement in the circuit and if all LED group are lighting as expected.



Final Word 2 Clock Result:

Comming soon. This project is still in progress.