Build your own Mini Robot Arm



Have you ever thought about building a robot arm? Yes, me too. :-)

Now I am the owner the of a 3D printer, so I decided to implement this whish.

You realize this project with really low costs.

I modified the foot of the robot arm slitely to fit on the print bed of the M3D.


3D File Source: Micro Server Robot Arm by holgero

Robot Arm Foot and Arduino code: HERE modified by lnino


Parts needed:

  • 5 pieces 9g servos
  • 3D printer with filament
  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Arduino Servo Shield v5.0



Printed parts:

  • 1x Arm
  • 1x Arm front
  • 1x Arm Spring
  • 1x Foot
  • 1x Front Plate
  • 2x Gripper
  • 2x Gripper Rack
  • 1x Swing
  • 1x Gripper Gear



Assembled Robot Arm: