Build your own Little Robot (SCRU-FE)



1x Body                   (x hours)         [Transparent Blue PLA]

1x USMount            (x hours)         [Transparent Blue PLA]

2x Wheel Half          (x hours)        [Transparent Blue PLA]

1x Servo Extender   (x hours)        [Transparent Blue PLA]


Total printing time: xxx hours

Total filament: xxx inches


Source: SCRU-FE: Simple C++ Robot by rtheiss

Description: All parts have been printed in Transparent Blue PLA of 3DInk with the settings "High/High" on 'ScotchBlue' painters tape. (Room temperature 20-25 °C)




All parts for the assembling have been ordered by eBay, Aliexpress and Local Hardware Store.



2x Motor with Wheel - 5,69 Euro

1x Arduino Uno - 6,69 Euro

2x Battery Holder AAA - 4,00 Euro

1x 9g Servo Motor - 2,39 Euro

1x 15A power switch - 1,63 Euro

1x HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor - 1,19 Euro

1x 200mm female/female  4pin cable - 3,58 Euro

1x F623 bearings - 1,00 Euro



1x Motor Shield (L298P) - 9,74 Euro


Hardware Store:

1x A bunch of M3 screws, nuts and washers - 2 Euro


In total this made a price of 38 Euros. 


I decided to implement a nice red switch for turning on and off this little robot.

Therefore I cut out a little piece behind the servo and placed the switch in there.

The place is just perfect for this switch.


I connected the two battery holder in series with AA batteries.

This gives me an output current of 2200mA and voltage of 9V.





You can see the little robot finally assembled.