Filament Calculator (M3D)



I have bought a 1kg roll of white filament by the manufacturer 3D Prima.

Because the roll was too heavy to be pulled by the little M3D printer I was cutting off only so much windings as I needed for the current print.

After several larger prints I made a statistic and calculated a multiplier.

So I was able to find out how many windings a print will take regarding to the estimate inches of the M3D software.

I know it is not that accurate, but a good thumb rule to know if the available filament windings are enough for the planed print.

On larger prints I summate 5 windings and on smaller 2 windings, to be sure I have enough filament.


The other settings will be added to the calculator as soon I have enough values.

Enjoy the tool, I am using it on every print and it worked well for me.