My current 3D printer setup (M3D)


My Environment:

Lenovo Netbook with Windows 7 x86 (1GB RAM)
Garage with 20 degrees of celsius
M3D Software version v
Filaments: 3D Ink and 3D Prima (both PLA)
External Feed of Filament


I am using as a Spool Holder the design by evandepol.

For the rod I am using a 12mm diameter wood rod , which I had already in my garage.

I have attached on the left and right hand side 2 circle boards(with a 12mm drill) as a limiter to keep the filament on the rod.


With a swiss army knife I clean the noozle after it's warming up before every print, to get sure the print bed is clean.

I use the knife also for releasing the printed object. 


Calibration & Offsets:

In the software version it is possible to enter larger numbers than 0.50, great for entering larger offsets.

So I entered my offsets like this: FR -1,15 | FL -0.80 | BR +0,20 | BL + 0,65 



Using 250g 3D Ink Filament:

For that I am using a shorter vertical rod of 15cm length.

The horizontal rod is 16cm long.

Because of the low weight I am using the filament with the spool.


Using 1kg 3D Prima Filament:

For this one I am using a longer vertical rod with a length of 24cm, to get more space between filament and 3D printer.

The horitontal rod is here the same like above with 16cm length.

For the 1kg filament I only cut off the inches I need for the project to print and hang it on the rod. The 1kg roll is too heavy to be pulled by the M3D.